Recover Tactical P-IX+ to P-IX+PFA Pistol Carbine Conversion



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Recover Tactical P-IX+ to P-IX+PFA Pistol Carbine Conversion
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Convert your Original P-IX or P-IX+ into a P-IX+ PFA Pistol Carbine Platform for Glock Pistols by replacing your existing Glock barrel with 16″ barrel & adding a front shroud. With the 16″ barrel installed, your P-IX becomes a non-NFA item that does not require registration as an SBR. We source our made-for-Glock barrels exclusively from IGB, an Austrian manufacturer of high-quality barrels. (Pre-order. Shipping in October 2023)

ON SALE: For a limited time, $399.95 $299.95. Save $100 when bundling the barrel and front shroud adapter.


  • Fits Glock G17 Gen 2-5,  G19 Gen 2-5 (incl. C*), G19 X, G34 Gen 2-5, G45, & G47 (more models coming soon)
  • 16″ IGB threaded barrel (Austrian-made. 1/2 x 28 at 9×19, .357 Sig and .40 S&W M15 at 10MM Auto and .45 ACP)
  • Front Shroud Adapter (M-LOK Compatible)
  • 1/2×28 9mm Flash Suppressor
  • Multiple pic rails
  • Made w/ proprietary lightweight, impact-resistant, glass-reinforced polymer


Barrel is not included in our lifetime warranty. For G19C, once you swap the barrel, it will no longer be “compensated”.


IMPORTANT: IGB & ReCover Tactical recommend only using quality, Factory Loaded Ammunition. The IGB 16″ barrel won’t function well with cheap ammo! Ammo should meet CIP, SAAMI or NATO standards (e.g. Hornady, Winchester, Magtech or ask at your local gun shop). To cycle properly, the firearm must be shouldered or braced with the 16″ barrel installed. The TFA is a blowback-operated action and is capable of safely firing ammunition up to +P. ALSO: To maintain accuracy, P-IXPFA must be bolted closed with included bolt.

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